Interesting Trivia about Song Lyrics

Interesting Trivia about Song LyricsA song lyric is more than just words to be set to a piece of music and for the fans of the singer to sing along with. It is entirely possible to study song lyrics using an academic perspective as a parameter. A song lyric, then, is not just pretty words for a music piece that the listener can relate to and feel the way the lyricist intends them to. While some songs and their lyrics deal more about the artist’s personal struggle or romantic journey and whatnot, some others can be taken as a distinct form of social commentary.

Said lyrics of such nature could be economic, social, or political in themes, all of which are framed within esthetical context to convey messages that are culturally significant. The way these messages are communicated depends on how the writer comes up with them: They could be explicit in meaning or delivered through metaphors and symbolism. Analysis of song lyrics can also be made by examining their unity (or lack thereof) with its musical accompaniment. Said analysis would focus more on the contrast the two elements have with one another and the overall tonality of the musical piece.

But lyrics are not all beauty and joy. Queries about song lyrics made on search engines can return results that can be fatal to the computer accessing it. A McAfee report from 2009 showed that searches that are either lyrics-related or not containing the word “free” are the most dangerous kind of queries in terms of malware exposure. Simply put, just by looking up a lyric, which happen to contain the word “free” in it, you would open yourself to attack from malware and such. At the very least, the search you made contain higher risk of exposure than that which does not contain such a word.