Some Categories of Musical Instruments in Orchestra

Some Categories of Musical Instruments in OrchestraOrchestra may be one of the great musical performance. It is not like a band performance. There are many musicians playing various musical instruments. Then, there are also group of choirs with various vocal. Surely, these are all into great combination and provide the audiences and listeners with great performance. Each song can be such an extremely wonderful performance. Of course, it is important to know some information about orchestra. It is not enough to know the songs, but it will be better to know the instruments and its sounds. There are many instrument played in the orchestra and each of them play important roles. Even, similar instrument may play different role because of the position or notation played the musicians. That is why it is very important to know those instruments.

One of the main instruments in orchestra is piano. This instrument plays important role since most of the songs are led by the piano. Even, sometimes there is solo performance in the midst of the song and it is piano. Piano, especially the grand piano, is powered by string and the best piano is the one using strings. There are also many pianos powered by electrical power, but its sound may not be as good and strong as the string one. Of course, based on the price, the grand piano and other pianos powered by stings can be more expensive. However, it provides great sounds. The sound productions cannot be fully imitated by the electrical pianos. Related to the piano, there are other string instruments. Another famous string instrument is violin. Many people love to listen to this instrument. When there is solo, violin is also one of the most common instrument to play solo performance. Then, there are also violas. Violas are bigger than violin and the instruments have different roles and different range of tones. Cello is the other sting instruments. Then, the biggest one is bass. It can be double bass or contra bass. This is the biggest string instrument with bass sounds, so its sound is the lowest among other string instrument.

Then, there are also brass instruments. These instruments are made by metal. There are trumpets, horn or French horn, trombone, and tuba. In some cases, there is also flute. Some people categorize flute as the brass instrument, but there are also people who include this in woodwind. For the woodwind instruments, there are many of them. Flute, oboe, clarinet, and saxophone may be the most famous instruments. These instruments are also main instruments in this woodwind categories. Moreover, there are bassoon, piccolo, and contrabassoon. The other family of instrument is percussion family. There are timpani, snare drum, and other instruments. These instruments are important to provide rhythm of the songs.