Some Great Impact of Lyrics

Some Great Impact of LyricsPeople love music. Music can help people to feel relaxed, but there are also kinds of music that can boost the spirit and make the mood better. Its notation, tempos, rhythm and other element of music that can make people love music and songs. When it is about songs, of course it is not only limited to the melody and rhythm of the music. There are also lyrics that can play important roles. Songs can be interesting to listen although there is no lyric, but when there is lyric of the song, the meaning of the song can be richer and even its effect can be stronger. Lyric of the song itself has its own power and impact since it works as how the poems work. Poems can affect the reader, and with the music, lyrics can deliver greater effect for reader.

The instrument and melody of the music can boost mood of someone who listen to it. The same case also happens on lyrics. Most of the songs are written based on the feeling of the singer or composer of the songs. By listening to the lyric, it is very possible for listeners to feel what the singers feel. Moreover, there are pressures and tones used in singing the songs that make feeling of the songs can be delivered well. Its effect can be stronger when listener actually has the similar experiences as what the lyric tells. In this case, by listening these songs, listeners can be motivated. When they are sad, listening to the music can make them feel better since they know that they are not alone and singers or composers of the song have the same experiences of in lyrics. Then, there are also lyrics that can boost someone spirits so they want to give more efforts on something.

Even, the effect is not only for personal case. Some songs can have stronger effects when it reflects the social condition or such kinds of social issues. The lyric of the songs can make people aware of somethings and they even can be driven to do somethings. As if, lyric of the song has become such kind of motivation to do certain action. It can be seen from the songs of Michael Jackson. “Heal the World”, “We are the World”, and other songs are not only songs for entertainment. There is deep feeling described and delivered through the songs and many people are touched by the lyrics, so there are many movements and the songs itself become such kind of soundtrack of the real action.